Experience the Mystic Tan Kyss

It may be time to put your summer clothes away, but just because fall is here doesn’t mean you have to embrace the paleness of the approaching winter. At Bronze Tan St. Louis, beauty is a year-long adventure, and with the Mystic Tan Kyss, it’s an invigorating experience.

The Mystic Tan Kyss is a modern spray tan booth that combines ease with speed for a customized look that lasts. After just three minutes, you’ll leave with a gorgeous glow that’ll turn heads for weeks to come.

With its anti-orange, odor-controlling MagneTan technology, the Mystic Tan Kyss sprays warm, energized tanning particles that gravitate to your skin, covering every inch of your body with perfect consistency.

On-hand salon professionals can answer any questions you may have, but with simple voice-prompts and countdowns for each stage of the process, you’ll be done and dry with a full-body tan before you leave the booth.

Choose from three tanning shades, and even add a bronzer and special scents to enhance and freshen your skin.

Mystic Tan Kyss Bronzers come in various tones:

  • Mocha-Kyssed
  • Island-Kyssed
  • Sun-Kyssed
  • Honey-Kyssed

A variety of scents are available:

  • beach days
  • coconut lime
  • fresh
  • sport
  • summer dream
  • warm vanilla

Don’t let the autumn weather hold you back from flaunting beautiful skin. We’re open 9AM to 9PM weekdays, 9AM to 6PM Saturdays, and 11AM to 5PM Sundays. Come visit us at Bronze Tan St. Louis today or give us a call and learn more about Mystic Tan Kyss and other tanning options near you.

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