You have just gone to the salon and had a great spray tan done? You look several shades darker and love the new look, now the question is: When I get home, how do I make this spray tan last longer?

Well, the good news is that there are several steps one can take to help lengthen the amount of time your spray tan stays noticeable for. The following are some great tips to help ensure that you are primed for your best spray tan possible:

  • Arrive To Your Appointment Clean: Showering and exfoliating your skin about 8 hours before your appointment to get your spray tan will help your body reach the ideal pH level for the tan to stick and last long as possible
  • Ensure All Deodorants Are Removed: Be sure to remove all lotions, body sprays, foundations, and deodorants before applying the spray tan to ensure that these barriers do not prevent uneven color from being applied to the skin.
  • Ask For Specific Directions: Ask your technician for specific directions on how to keep your spray tan even and smooth for days after your appointment. Follow these directions to keep your tan looking in top shape. Every formula for tans may be a little different, and your technician can provide insight into the products used and the best way to keep your tan even and clean.
  • Shower Carefully After your Appointment: Shower with lukewarm water and avoid any sorts of soaps or gels in the shower that leave behind residues. This means avoiding products that are “deep moisturizing” which are most likely to leave residues. These residues can make the tans lighter or even undo the tan all together if used too heavily.
  • Avoid Sweating It Too Much: Avoid heavy exercising, swimming, or other activities that expose you to a lot of moisture as that can cause you to “sweat out” some of the spray tan. Keep the activity light and the moisture exposure minimal long as you want your spray tan to be at it’s best.
  • Exfoliate to Eliminate Blotchiness: Light exfoliation will be the best way to go to keep your skin looking even and smooth the entire time you have a spray tan. Be sure to avoid moisturizing areas too heavily so that blotches of darker skin to not appear over lighter skin in other areas. Keeping the moisturizing light and even is the key to keeping the look fresh long as possible.

These are just a few great tips to help make your spray tan last and look the best it can for long as it can. Enjoy your tan and be sure to go back and get reapplications of the tan as needed to keep it looking it’s best.

For more information on making your spray tan last as long as possible, please feel free to contact us.

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