Show Off Your Spray Tan This Halloween With These Classic Costumes

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, coffee shops are promoting pumpkin coffee, and the houses are transforming from ordinary to spooktacular. It’s almost Halloween. Whether you’re going to a party or passing out candy, finding the perfect costume is important. The perfect Halloween costume should be fun and eye-catching, and it should also enhance your tan. A fabulous tan helps you look and feel your best all year round, and Halloween night should be no different. Below are some creative and fun Halloween costumes to show off your spray tan.


Go back to the beginning with a costume that’s both simple to make and absolutely perfect for showing off your tan. Because this costume basically consists of strategically placed leaves, showing off a lot of skin, your tan will be showcased well in this Halloween outfit. This costume also great if you and your significant other want to do a couples costume. Now you can both show off your tan.

Greek Goddess

Show off your inner goddess with this elegant costume this Halloween. You can buy one from almost any costume store, or make your own with some white cloth and killer sandals. The white cloth will dramatically show off your tan, making you look both regal and hot. You really can’t beat that. Don’t forget to add a spectacular Greek headdress to really tie the look together.

Cave Woman

Let your inner animal roar this Halloween with a cave woman costume. Have fun with animal prints and fur when putting this costume together, and don’t forget to add a bone or tooth necklace to really amp up your fierce look. This costume is great for tan skin because it will show off your arms and legs, and give you a jungle fever vibe. Another bonus to this costume; your hair is supposed to be messy, meaning you don’t have to spend time making it perfect.


If you’re a Disney fan, channel Pocahontas this Halloween. Her dress is perfect for showing off your tanned shoulders, arms, and legs, and the yellow/tan color will really pop against your skin. This costume is perfect for capturing the beloved Disney essence while also achieving an exotic look.


Known as an intensely beautiful queen, this alluring lady is the perfect woman to channel when planning your Halloween costume this year. Cleopatra’s ensemble will make you look regal, exotic, and give everyone a glimpse of your glowing tanned skin. Plus, you can experiment with make-up as you create an Egyptian look, which is always a fun bonus for Halloween costumes.

Show off your gorgeous tan this Halloween with any one of these fun and beautiful costumes. To achieve the perfect tan without the harmful effects of the sun, contact us today to set up a spray tan session. With our state of the art process and excellent service, you’ll walk out with a tan that will turn heads everywhere you go.

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