Norvell Auto Revolution Spray Tan Booth

Bronze Tan offers the Auto Revolution Sunless Spray Tan Booth System by Norvell, which is a state-of-the-art “smart booth” that utilizes ground breaking technology to deliver a hand spray quality sunless experience. The booth successfully simulates a hand-held airbrush spraying session while offering the privacy and cost-efficiency of an automatic spray booth session.

Equipped with height sensors, the auto booth calibrates to your body, based on the height of the client, creating a completely customized session.

The tanning process generally takes a quick 5-7 minutes. The automated voice commands guide clients through two easy positions. Simply face front, then face back. No complicated positions needed.

The Auto Revolution is equipped with studio lighting; four over sunless spray tan fans, extracting excessive mist from the air; and most importantly, a robotic, hand-held simulated spray arm for more precise application – guaranteeing an even, glowing UV-free tan!

You may shower as soon as 6 hours; however, for best results, we recommend waiting 8-12 hours. Your tan should last up to 5-7 days with proper care and maintenance.

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