Spring has arrived, bringing warmer temperatures and the blossoming of flowers. You’ve already started updating your wardrobe for the season. However, with Spring Break approaching, the idea of revealing your pale legs is not what you want for your getaway.

But don’t worry! There are various tanning options available to ensure you confidently showcase your new outfits, sexy legs, and exposed shoulders. Whether you opt for a tanning bed, spray tan, or airbrush tan, investing in enhancing your skin for Spring Break is a wise choice.

Tanning Beds:

In just 10-15 minutes per session, you can establish the base tan needed to prevent sunburn during sun exposure. Simply come to the spa clean, apply indoor tanning lotion, and gradually develop the even color of your choice. If you’re uncomfortable tanning nude, toss your swimsuit into your bag.

Spray Tans:

Step into a spray booth for an all-over body tan without sun exposure. This is an excellent option if you haven’t planned ahead for a base tan or if you want to maintain your color weekly. Ensure you can stay dry for 12 hours to preserve your color, and follow the provided directions during the tanning process.

Airbrush Tans:

Opt for airbrush tanning for a customizable all-over body tan. This method is perfect if you’re comfortable having a Bronze Tan attendant apply your tan. The attendant will position you and ensure every nook and cranny of your body is properly covered with the perfect tones.

All of these options are yours to choose from! At Bronze Tan, we aim to assist you in enjoying your Spring Break with beautiful skin and confidence. We want you to help you rock every day with your new tan! If you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment, please contact us soon, so that you can be ready for wherever spring break takes you!

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