It’s a New Year! The time has come for bringing back that exquisite natural looking tan you once had. While you’re out getting that gym membership renewed, don’t forget to stop by Bronze Tan tanning salon in Clayton or Brentwood and learn about the exciting new innovations in tanning technology. At Bronze Tan, we can help you achieve a beautiful and healthy-looking tan in three different ways. Check out the Bronze Tan tanning options:

Tanning Bed

It’s the original way to do it, only we’ve perfected it at Bronze Tan. We offer three levels of tanning beds with gradually increasing wattage so that anyone can get just the right tanned look they desire, whether you want a light glow about you or a deep rich tan. You are bound by nothing.

We also offer client specials and various payment plans. Have you always wanted a tan but never got around to visiting a tanning salon? Pay for one session only to start if you would like. When you start basking in the compliments you receive and get used to being the center of attention everywhere you end up being, purchase an unlimited week or month-long pass.

However, if you’re serious about holding on to your new found vitality and popularity, go all out and buy a month-long, three-month-long, or yearly membership to Bronze Tan!

Spray Tan

Just put all the epic horror that the phrase “spray tan” conjures up aside because the times are a-changing. At our Brentwood location, our Versaspa and Versaspa Pro spray tan booths make coming in and getting your luster back, quick and easy, with no fear of that dreaded orange look.

Our Clayton location now features our new Norvel Auto Revolution sunless spray booths. Get your gorgeous, golden glow in total privacy in a booth that automatically adjusts to your body.

Do you desire the high-end spray tan chosen by the rich and famous? Our Clayton location also features the Cadillac of spray tanning: Mystic Kiss! With odor-controlled and anti-orange MagneTan technology, take three minutes out of your day to get the most luxurious spray tan ever!

Airbrush Tanning

Currently only available at our Clayton location, come in and experience a luxurious, real custom airbrush tan, administered by our all-female team of discreet, professional airbrushers!

It can be a pretty awkward experience your first couple of times. Lucky for you, they are experienced with every type of complexion and body type. No body shaming here! Just revolutionary sunless tanning technology that enhances the natural properties of your skin, making it look younger, healthier, and sexier!

Choose between Original (dark) or Venetian (double dark) airbrush tanning options and get ready to step out of the salon and head to your next close up! Or you can, you know, pick up the groceries, or something.

Contact us at Bronze Tan for more information on our tanning options and how we can help you achieve the tan you desire!

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