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Reason #1: ‘Cause You Deserve It!

Doesn’t it seem like early winter is all about doing stuff for everyone else? The holidays leave us all harried, frazzled and feeling like we’re running on empty and it takes a while to bounce back. After shopping for presents, doing secret Santa, cooking and prepping for holiday guests …. who wouldn’t be tapped out? It’s time to treat yourself for a change! Plus, winter can just be plain depressing, and splurging on a little something for yourself is a great mood-booster!

Reason #2: So You Look Fresh and Healthy

The weather is dreary and dull, but your skin doesn’t have to be! Winter can cause an unflattering pallor and the cold weather also affects skin’s health and texture. The good news is, spray tans can help to hide skin imperfections. In the winter, many people’s skin starts to look red or ruddy — spray tans can neutralize that redness. Top off your tan with bronzer instead of blush and people will think you just got back from a winter Caribbean vacation!

Reason #3: To Get Cold-Weather Confidence

Knowing you look your best is a great confidence booster. Spray tans are a great way to look fabulous your-round. When you keep your glow, you’ll like your reflection when you look in the mirror because you’ll feel prettier and even look slimmer. Plus, you’ll be more confident sans clothing! (Who doesn’t want to look great for Valentine’s day?!) And of course, social events don’t come to a dead stop just because the temperature drops: Homecoming, winter weddings, engagement parties, and work events continue, and you’ll want to look fab at them all!

Bronze Tan is St. Louis and Clayton’s premier tanning salon! Visit us once a week to maintain a year-round glow. Book online now or contact us to get a fabulous winter sunless tan!

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