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2017 is nearly here, and that means new years eve parties are right around the corner! Knowing you look great on “NYE” will make the occasion even more joyful and memorable. From choosing the right outfit to complementing your skin with the ideal jewelry for your complexion, here are our top eight tips to look your best with a New Years Eve spray tan.

  1. Start with setting an appointment one to two days before the party for our sunless spray booth service. Remember: take a long hot shower, exfoliate, and shave before your appointment. Wear dark clothing and pull your hair back, too.
  2. Unless you get an express dry, forgo showering and take it easy (don’t work up a sweat!) for the next 12 hours to keep the Norvell solution in place.
  3. Ready to select that NYE party outfit? Choose a color that will draw attention to your new spray tan. Top picks include baby blue, bright white, pastel pink, and bronze.
  4. Now that you’ve got your tan on, try some trends that show off more skin, like shorter skirts, midriff-baring crop tops, and “cold shoulder” shirts.
  5. Accessorize that great outfit with jewelry that will set off your tan. Gold jewelry looks great on darker complexions; yellow, orange, and turquoise stones are tops for tanned skin!
  6. Smile big in those NYE selfies. Your new tan will make your teeth look whiter and brighter–instantly!
  7. Pamper yourself by moisturizing first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This habit will not only give you great skin, it will ensure your new spray tan sticks around as long as it should!
  8. Make your spray tan last even longer by taking short showers and gently patting yourself dry.

Want to book a New Years Eve spray tan? Contact Bronze Tan St. Louis today!

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