Don’t Blend in With the Snow This Holiday Season – Book a Spray Tanning Session Today!

Have you seen the fashion look books for 2017? Much of the women’s couture in them features bare shoulders, open backs, sexy leg splits, naked arms and plunging necklines.  So if you’re still sporting summer tan lines, they’re going to show unless you take action. There are several ways to prepare for the moment you happily slip into a sexy, little number. However, one of the most popular is spray tanning for holiday parties.

Get Prepping!

Before scheduling, we recommend working on getting your skin in shape. You’ll definitely need to exfoliate. So see a professional or remove the dead skin cells yourself. And yes, for the best holiday tan, you’ll want to carefully exfoliate every inch of visible skin. Do this at least a week before your spray tan appointment as it will give your skin time to recover from all of that scrubbing.

We also suggest staying hydrated and that goes for your skin too. So start incorporating a winter worthy moisturizer into your daily, beauty routine as soon as possible. Good moisturizer choices are often those that boast appropriate amounts of SPF, hydroquinone, lactic acid, essential oils and antioxidants. But be sure to know your skin type before deciding on just one.

You may begin scheduling spray tans for holiday parties now. Just remember that any tan should be refreshed no more than 3 days before your grand entrance. It’s the best time frame for ensuring an even, deep, all-over glow.  If you can’t swing that because of a scheduling conflict or prior commitments, please let us know. Our holiday tanning experts may be able to offer a solution.

Wait for It?

Also, you’ll want to get your holiday nail sparkle on before your appointment. It tends to cut down on incidents of premature fading around the feet and hands. And don’t worry. We won’t let the tanning experience dull your nails’ shine. As for that sexy dress, put off slipping into it until the last-minute. Otherwise, the areas that hug your body’s curves may cause some early fading too.

To learn more about scheduling spray tanning sessions during the holiday party season, please contact our Bronze Tan staff members today.

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