Learn All About Our Auto Revolution Sunless Spray Booth

Are you ready to try the latest technology in spray tanning? Let us introduce you to the Auto Revolution Sunless Spray Booth. This spray tan is unlike any other, using smart technology to give you the most custom spray tan of your life!

Custom Fit

With the Auto Revolution Sunless Spray Booth, you’ll be able to customize your spray tan for an incredibly natural-faux glow.┬áThe booth uses smart technology to customize your tan to your individual height. This height sensor ensures natural-looking color to every part of your body. The technology also offers the sought-after Venetian color option to offset a reddish skin tone.

As an additional bonus, this booth includes an audio jack, allowing you to plug in your favorite music while the booth does its magic.

One Layer Process

To further deliver on that custom airbrush look, the application process is completed in one even layer. This means you’ll never have those strange splotches of overlapping color. The Auto Revolution Sunless Spray Booth simulates a hand-held airbrush spraying session, but it comes with added benefit of complete privacy.

Quick and Easy

This spray tan is so easy, even a newbie can do it and look good! To make the entire process as simple and private as possible, the Auto Revolution Sunless Spray Booth forgoes a human airbrusher and instead relies on a soothing computerized voice to guide you through the 5-7 minute experience. The voice will instruct you on how to position your body and when to adjust to ensure even coverage.

To make the experience even easier, the Auto Revolution Sunless Spray Booth provides an express drying option, allowing you to get back to your daily life sooner. The express drying option ensures a completely dry tan in just 3 hours!

The Auto Revolution Sunless Spray Booth is a great option for that sun-kissed look. It’s easy process and custom options may just give you the best tan of your life! Give us a call to try the Auto Revolution Sunless Spray Booth today.

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