Get That Sun-kissed Look with Fall Spray Tanning at Bronze Tan!

As summer turns into fall and the leaves change color, that doesn’t mean that you have to, too! Keep your summer sun-kissed look with fall spray tanning.

Keep your summer glow!

Even though summer is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean that your glowing tan has to be gone, too. Keep the glow going through the change of the seasons with a spray tan. It’ll be like summer never ended at all!

Shine at holiday events!

With one of our spray tans, everyone will be asking you how you keep your skin so luminescent all year round at all of your holiday events. Don’t keep them guessing – let them in on your beauty secret! Keep it up through Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and everything in-between.

Give your skin a break from the sun!

You’ve been in the sun all summer long. Let your skin take a break from those harsh UV rays and give it a little love with our nutrient rich spray tan formula. Stay radiantly golden by using a spray tan to enhance your skin’s inherent glow with a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants. Your skin will thank you by staying beaming and beautiful!

Our highly trained spray artists will give you exactly what you ask for, customizing your spray tan to the color of your dreams! Whether you want to keep your summer tan going, prepare for the holidays, or just treat your skin, a fall spray tan is perfect for you. Contact us today for any questions and to book your fall spray tanning appointment!

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