Nothing beats the feeling of sulking under the sun for hours after months of braving the cold winter season. The warm spring weather offers a chance to enjoy outdoor activities, especially by the beach. Even so, direct exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays on the beach may cause severe sunburns and, to an extent, serious conditions such as skin cancer. Getting a Base tan before a beach vacation is essential to preserve your skin’s health and integrity. Read on to find ways tanning is helpful to the human body.

Improve your Outlook

Tanning is a great way to improve your skin’s complexion before your next vacation. A Base tan hides your skin’s blemishes and dark spots, which improves your natural appearance, even in photos.

Protection against Sunburns

Research shows that one out of three Americans get sunburned despite applying sunscreen. Tanning before a vacation gives your skin an extra layer of protection from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

Makes Time to Focus on Fun Activities

There are other exciting activities to do on a beach other than sit around all day tanning under the hot sun. A sunless tan before your vacation reduces your tanning time, and allows you to enjoy other facets of the beach.

Boost Confidence

If you’re the type that is intimidated by other people’s beach looks, getting a tan may give you that extra confidence to enjoy your beach vacation. Tanning removes skin blemishes and leaves your skin radiant, which is a significant confidence boost.

Get your Sunless Base Tan Today

Getting a Base tan before your beach vacation is necessary to protect your skin’s health and improve your general outlook. It frees up time so you can engage in other interesting beach activities like surfing and paddle boarding.

If you’re planning a vacation and would like to get a tan before the scheduled time, contact us for professional tanning services.

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