You’ve gone over your checklist a million times as the big day approaches.  Your venue, invitations, and outfit are all in check, but is your tan? Don’t worry, the experts at Bronze Tan will be there to make sure your outer glow matches your inner glow just in time for your special day.  Depending on your timeframe, several options will enhance the confidence of every blushing bride and handsome groom.

Tanning Beds

The perfect option for planning ahead, tanning beds will give you noticeable results over time. Consistency is key, and generally, you will see a difference after several sessions. This will also depend on the melanin level in your skin.  In addition to getting that once-in-a-lifetime radiance for your wedding pictures, you can also build a base tan that will give you a head start on your honeymoon. As a result, you reduce your chances of getting a sunburn. Schedule your sessions together as bride and groom for an added touch of romance as the main event gets closer.

Sunless Spray Tan

The Sunless Spray Tan is the perfect solution for the time-crunched bride.  The choice is in your hands in a safe, controlled environment that yields quick results. You can decide on just the right shade for you with the added benefit of the ability to still tan naturally while sporting a spray tan.  Safe and easily applied, several options and packages are available for every wedding party member to glow together.

Norvell Airbrush Tan

A Norvell Airbrush Tan will blow you away with its efficiency and complete coverage! The Norvell brand is an industry-leading product that is packed with nutrients and vitamins. An airbrush tanning session can be completed in 20 minutes and will last 3-4 days. It also includes the possibility of 7-10 day coverage with easy care and maintenance.  A large array of color choices will enhance your skin to perfection just in time to march down the aisle with a beautiful and natural radiance.

No matter your budget, there is a perfect tanning solution for every discerning bride and groom as you get ready to embark upon the journey of a lifetime. Glow as you go down the aisle and say “I do” to a natural-looking, perfect complexion courtesy of your incredible love for each other and the professionals at Bronze Tan.

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