Now that fall is approaching, you may no longer have time to spend hours relaxing in the sun in order to achieve a perfect tan. As we return from our vacations and head back to school or work, it’s time to consider the alternative: airbrush tanning. Aside from the obvious perks of airbrush, (it doesn’t cause skin damage, its quick, and you don’t have to worry about tan-lines) there are many other reasons to consider giving a fall airbrush tan try, as well.

It’s a quick and easy way to show yourself some love.

Caring for yourself isn’t always about essential oils and bath bombs. Sometimes taking study break to grab a latte and get yourself an airbrush can ease your mind and boost your confidence. Our airbrush tans only take between 15-20 minutes, and they last up to 10 days, which leaves you plenty of time to tackle your to-do list in between airbrush sessions.

A glowing tan keeps you looking and feeling fresh.

Having a flawless fall airbrush tan from our trained airbrush professionals is the perfect way to silently say, “I spent all of last week relaxing on the beach in Tahiti,” when what you really mean is, “I pulled an all-nighter to meet a marketing deadline last night and I’m running primarily on coffee.” You may not always feel your best, but you can most certainly look your best!

An airbrush tan is all about you.

As Fall begins, you may find yourself needing 20 minutes to relax and take a breath a little bit more than usual. Our airbrush technicians are trained to help you achieve the perfect glow by finding your best color match, assessing your own personal needs and wants, and ultimately delivering a flawless tan each and every time. Let us take care of you!

You deserve to look and feel your best all year. Unfortunately, there are some things that we have to leave behind when summer ends (like sleeping in on the weekdays and taking day-trips to the beach) but we don’t have to abandon our Summer glow, and we shouldn’t!

Call to schedule an appointment for a fall airbrush tan at Bronze Tan today. You deserve it!

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