You have made the right choice – rather than risk dangerous exposure to ultraviolet rays, you have invested in an airbrush tan to improve the look and feel of your skin. Be sure to follow these steps to increase your airbrush tans life span.

Come to the appointment prepared.

Prior to tanning, shave, exfoliate, and shower, keeping your skin free of lotions, makeup, and deodorant. This will allow the spray to be evenly applied and avoid splotchy looking skin.

Immediately after the tanning session.

Make you sure wear loose, dark colored clothing in order to prevent transfer of the bronzing spray onto your clothing. Binding clothing could smudge your tan rather than letting it absorb into your skin. Wearing sandals or flip flops is a good idea as well.

Wait a while to shower.

Ideally, you will wait until the next morning to take a lukewarm shower. This allows the tan to soak into your skin and achieve the optimum tone. If you cannot wait overnight, a minimum of eight hours is generally recommended. Use a basic, non-moisturizing shower gel and avoid actively scrubbing your skin.

Select your lotions carefully.

If you use oil-based lotions, you can actually reduce your airbrush tans longevity. For best results, use a basic lotion or tan enhancing moisturizer immediately after your shower. Continue to keep your skin hydrated to enhance the glow of your skin.

Pay attention to your face and hands.

Due to the necessities of skin care and hygiene, you will wash your face and hands more frequently than the rest of your body. This may cause those areas to fade. A quality face self-tanner can help you touch up areas that may fade due to frequent washings.

Consider a bronzing powder.

Applying bronzing powder to your skin can perfectly balance the results of an airbrush tan and help you maintain a glowing, even tan. This can be used to help reflect light and give an added radiance to your skin.

Don’t forget.

Heavy, sweat-inducing exercise, chlorine pools, and even the use of sunscreens might have an effect on the life of your tan. That is not to say you should avoid activities you love, you should just be aware of the effects of them on your airbrush tan.

The way you prepare and treat your skin during the tanning process does have an impact on your airbrush tans life span. Be sure to speak to your tanning professionals about the specifics of your airbrush tan. At Bronze Tan, we want to help you have the most beautiful, healthy skin possible. Should you have any questions, or would like to consider a consult, please contact us.

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