With summer’s arrival, now is the ideal moment to jumpstart your journey to a sun-kissed glow! Start developing your base tan today to guarantee a lasting and flawless hue. While achieving the perfect hue may take a bit of time, the advantages extend far beyond aesthetics, encompassing the preservation of your skin’s health, the ability to manage your color with precision, and the longevity of your tan throughout the season. So, dive into your bronzing journey today and revel in the beauty of sun-kissed skin all summer long!

Why Get a Base Tan?

  • A base tan serves as a shield, offering minimal protection against sunburn and damage. However, it’s essential to note that its sun protection factor (SPF) is relatively low, typically around 3 or less, according to the U.S. surgeon general as cited by Scientific American. Contrastingly, clothing can provide an SPF of up to 7. Supplement your protection by applying additional topical products to shield your skin from the harmful effects of prolonged UV exposure.
  • A base tan allows for a gradual darkening of your skin without the immediate consequences of rapid tanning or the discomfort of extended sun exposure. Unlike quick tanning sessions, developing a base tan minimizes the likelihood of redness and painful skin damage, as highlighted by Wise Geek. Adhering to recommended measures such as topical treatments and protective clothing, as advised by the Skin Cancer Foundation, during spring and summer can mitigate the risks associated with UVA/UVB exposure.
  • Establishing a base tan routine facilitates the maintenance of a consistent bronze once summer arrives. Professional tanning methods offer predictability and convenience lacking in outdoor sunbathing. By steering clear of relying solely on natural sun exposure, which can yield uneven results, you can achieve a gradual, sun-kissed glow with greater control.

So why wait? Take charge of your tan for the impending summer by opting for tanning beds, airbrush applications, or sunless spray tans. Contact us or visit Bronze Tan to embark on your base tan journey today, and enjoy a complimentary upgrade to a Level 2 Bed!

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