Most people want a healthy glow. To some people, that glow comes in the form of a tan. If you are one of those people, you might ask, “How often can I tan?”

What is Tanning?

Tanning is the process of darkening your skin color. Exposure to UV radiation from sunlight or artificial sources, like tanning lamps found in indoor tanning beds, is the most common way of getting a summer glow. Sunless tanning refers to the use of chemical products to achieve a tanning effect without UV rays.

How Often Can I Tan?

How often you tan will depend on the form of tanning you choose. Here’s a quick overview of the different types of tans and how often you should get one.

Sun Tanning

Your natural skin color influences how you react to the sun. Moderate exposure to direct sunlight helps the body produce melanin and vitamin D, but excessive UV exposure has negative health consequences, including sunburn and an increased risk of skin cancer.

Indoor Tanning

You can either get a spray tan or go for a tanning bed with indoor tanning. Bed tanning involves using a gadget that emits UV radiation to create a cosmetic glow.

Indoor tanning experts recommend a tanning routine that includes gradual exposure times. These exposure times should be determined by your skin type and will aid in the gradual development of a tan without burning your skin.

Most indoor tanning experts recommend three sessions per week until a tan develops, then two sessions per week after that to keep the tan. To avoid skin damage, wait at least 48 hours between tanning sessions.

Spray tans can last for 5-10 days. That means you should probably get a spray two to three times a month, depending on how you care for it.

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