.Summer is coming, and you want to make sure you look the best at the beach or pool this year. The best way to do that is by knowing what is going to be in with swimwear’s fashion, especially ones that will make your tan pop! Here we have the top swimsuit trends for this year so that you can look at your fashionable best.

Bold Solids 

You don’t need to wear great designs and patterns to get people’s heads to turn. Instead, look for solids with excellent stitching and fun cuts. Try picking colors that are going to best suit your skin tone or your tan. Remember, if you have a lighter tan, stick with darker colors to put a nice contrast against your skin. If you have a darker tan, then brighter colors are a better way to add a dramatic difference.

Wide Stripes

Stripes are a great way to have people look at your body in the way you want. Want to look slimmer? Go with vertical stripes. If you’re going to add emphasis to your curve, go with horizontal stripes. Try to stick with two colors when it comes to stripes. Anything more, and it can have an undesired clash effect.

Shapes and Cutouts 

 This is one of the swimsuit trends that are perfect for girls with more curves and busts. Use the cutouts to create illusions of a slimmer waist and still comfortably show skin. Eyes are drawn to the skin, so make sure you’re using those cutouts to emphasize what you want to show.

Natural Designs

Animal prints, botanical prints, and other natural textures are going to be super hot this year. Make sure to grab something that makes you feel like a goddess of nature. Cheetah skin, snakeskin, and other fun textures are also going to one of the top swimsuit trends, so don’t be afraid to be fierce with your swimsuit pick.

Retro and Vintage 

Some things never go out of style, and vintage is one of those things. Button-ups, ruffles, lace, and well-put accents are things to look for when picking out something vintage. Want your tan to stand out? Pair with bold lip colors and dramatic shades to give that Hollywood star looks or wear with cute headbands and more natural make-up for a more classic look.

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