The big day is almost upon you. Your white dress is hanging up and ready to be worn. Your nails are manicured to perfection, and your hair is trimmed and colored. However, you still feel like something is missing. After all the hustle and bustle of pre-wedding prep, you are tired, anxious, and look worn out. You need that pre-wedding glow to boost your mood and make your skin look amazing. Here are some easy tips to start incorporating before the big day. These tips will make you look and feel your best before your “I dos”.

Drink More Water

Start drinking water now, and keep drinking all day long. It is recommended to drink eight glasses of water to get your full amount for the day. Drinking more water will not only flush toxins out of your body but increase overall hydration. Your skin will glow, and you will feel much better. For an extra antioxidant boost, include some green tea into your day as well.

Limit Alcohol and Sugar

To help you get the pre-wedding glow, start including rich antioxidant foods into your diet. Begin eating more berries and fish, and cut back on the alcohol. This means no more White Claws. Alcohol not only makes your skin dehydrated but strips the body of necessary vitamins. AS a result, your skin may look and feel duller than usual. Instead, grab some water and an avocado and watch your skin transform.

A Healthy Tan

Getting a spray tan by a professional before your big day is the perfect, healthy way to achieve that glow. With an expert team behind you, your skin will radiate. Be careful who you choose for your spray tan, because sometimes they can come out orange. No one wants to be orange before their big day. We recommend getting your spray tan a few days before your wedding day to allow it to sit and develop properly.

Incorporating these steps into your pre-wedding checklist will not only leave you healthier, but happier and more confident. It will also give you the pre-wedding glow of your dreams. At Bronze Tan, we specialize in wedding day tanning preparations. We offer multiple tanning packages and our staff will make you feel great. Contact us online here for more information today!

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