Tanning has gotten a bad rep over the years, that’s been largely unwarranted. Tanning, when done properly is safe and has numerous health benefits. It can be a positive part of your life. Here are five reasons why people enjoy tanning.

1. Look Better

Science has proven that people are more attracted to people with a tan. As a result, people who tan regularly report feeling more confident and getting more attention from the opposite sex. While some people consider this superficial, I’d disagree. Looking better and feeling more confident makes you more ready to tackle the day, and that’s a great thing.

2. Feel Better

Tanning releases endorphins that make you feel good (similar to when you work out). These endorphins are released naturally when your body is exposed to the rays. Additionally, while you’re in the process of getting tan, the warm, soothing experience feels amazing. Tan regularly and your mood will be better on a daily basis.

3. Increase Vitamin D

Did you know that up to 75% of people are deficient in Vitamin D? This is a big problem considering that vitamin D deficiency can lead to depression, diabetes, and even autoimmune disease. So, getting enough vitamin D daily is extremely important for your well-being. Tanning provides a big dose of vitamin D. Doing it regularly will correct deficiencies in most people.

4. Biological Clock

Sun is an important part of setting our biological clock. If our biological clock gets out of whack (due to spending most of our time indoors) sleeping and waking up in the morning becomes difficult. Tanning helps reset your clock so that your body knows when to go to sleep and you should rise.

5. Red Light

Our devices (like laptops and smartphones) and our lighting emit blue light. Humans need a balance of red and blue light in order to function optimally. Tanning provides red light exposure that helps to fix this balance which makes you feel better, reduces pain, and prevents the development of numerous diseases.

Want to learn more about why people enjoy tanning? Check us out at Bronze Tan. Contact us online here to learn more.

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