It’s the middle of winter here in the Midwest- how do you get your skin tan without hopping on an airplane? Save your flight points because there is a solution. We must take it indoors with low UV outside and achieve our best tans at our favorite tanning salons. There are many tips and tricks to achieving the most extended life of your tan and staying sunkissed while the days are gloomy.

Here’s your cheat sheet for a good tan.

How to Achieve Your Best Tan

Knowing your skin is a massive bonus to achieving the best tanning results. There are about six skin types to consider, depending on how well your skin tans. If you are Type-1 Skin, which is skin that tans very little or not at all, the self-tanner will be your best friend to get a natural-looking tan with no UV exposure. Those with Type-2 skin and higher are more able to use tanning beds, alongside self-tanning options, without significant side effects. It is still essential that each skin type is taken care of after every kind of tanning session. You want to make sure you use products that nourish your skin, extend the life of your tan, and do NOT contain mineral oils.

Drink Your Water!

Aside from physical products, water is the key to the best results. UV light dehydrates the skin and body, and staying hydrated will keep your tan looking its best. Even using spray booths or self-tan, you want to keep your skin hydrated, so it doesn’t become flakey and dry. We recommend you drink plenty of water before AND after tanning; get your 64 ounces daily!

Pre & Post Tan Routine

Keeping your skin healthy while tanning takes a routine. As always, it is recommended to shower, shave, and exfoliate the body at least 6 hours before tanning. These extra steps will allow the light to absorb into your skin and give you the darkest tan. Before tanning, do NOT wear any makeup, deodorant, or lotions. These products will disrupt the tanning process and leave you with an uneven tan. At Bronze Tan, we have the Amplify Primer PH Balancing Gel that you can apply before every spray tan or self-tan. This gel balances PH levels in the skin to accelerate development time, and it is infused with ingredients to help protect and renew skin for a long-lasting tan. Amplify Primer is a great product to have on hand. Add products and steps into your tanning routine to ensure you get the desired results.

Taking care of your skin after your tan is just as important. The biggest no-no to post-tanning is getting wet or sweating! You want to avoid getting wet or sweating after tanning so it doesn’t leave streaks in your underdeveloped tan. However, to help lock in your tan, there is a wide variety of lotions for post-tan moisture at every location of Bronze Tan. We have all you need, from intensifiers and natural bronzers to facial tanning lotions. Using lotions accelerates the production of melanin in the skin, which leads to a darker tan. Never settle for an oil-based lotion; always use water-based options.

Last but not least, we recommend a few extra tips: use paraben and sulfate-free soaps when washing your tan and pat yourself dry; do NOT rub! Now go get tan!

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