Airbrush Tanning in St. Louis: 3 Ways to Make Your Airbush Tan Last Longer

An airbrush tan is the perfect way to welcome summer without damaging your skin or risking your health. If you are ready to get that summer faux glow and make it last, these 3 tips can help your airbrush tan last even longer for more beach days, more fun in the sun and more swanky nights out on the town…

Exfoliate Before Your Tanning Appointment

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, leaving a smooth base for your tan to adhere to. If you do not exfoliate before your airbrush appointment, the tan will adhere to dead skin cells and more than you hope will wash away with your next shower. You can double the life of your tan by paying close attention to always arrive smooth, exfoliated and ready to get a kick-butt tan. Elle Magazine says you can be even more thorough by exfoliating every day for three days prior to your salon appointment.

Moisturize Daily, Especially When Tanning Regularly

Though moisturizing daily is just good maintenance, nightly moisture can help your tan look natural longer too. Try a gradual tanning lotion beginning the day after your tan appointment. We like Jergens to keep your salon-brushed tan going strong. Remember to apply carefully around elbows, knees, feet and any area that tends to over-accumulate when you tan at home.

Wear a Loose T-Shirt Dress and Flip Flops to Your Airbrush Tanning Appointment

A loose t-shirt dress can help you avoid tan lines and while shoes are always a tricky subject right after a spray tan, flip flops are best. If you do get a few lines on your way home, simply exfoliate your feet at home until it looks like the rest of your tan.

Bronze Tan is your go-to glam squad for all things summer glow. We are the airbrush tanning in St. Louis that pay careful attention to apply your tan effectively, smoothly and naturally so that you are ready for any occasion, date or day of fun under the sun. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services, contact us today.


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