Spray tans have become popular alternatives to traditional tans. They are safer and you can have a tan year-round no matter where you live. But, if you get a spray tan, you want it to last as long as possible. The following spray tan care tips will help your spray tan last and look great longer.

Follow Instructions

Be sure to read and follow the instructions that you get when the tan is applied. Follow the instructions as specifically as you can and your tan should look better, longer.

Don’t use soaps and moisturizers

Don’t use soaps and moisturizers with added oils during and right after your first shower. Those extra ingredients can leave residue on your skin, and this can decrease the effectiveness and longevity of the spray tan.

Avoid Sweating

Try to put off the things that make you sweat right after you get a tan. Schedule the tan for a day you don’t have to mow the lawn or move the furniture soon after. If you do have to engage in something that might make you sweat, use baby powder or a similar, basic powder that will help decrease the sweat and allow your tan to last longer. Especially put the powder behind your knees, your underarms, or other places that sweat more than the rest of your body.

Take A Cold Shower

Some people hate taking a shower that isn’t really hot. If you want to maximize your spray tan, the cooler you can handle a shower, the longer the tan will last and the better it will look. You should also take shorter showers and baths when you have a spray tan, and after you bathe, dab and blot with the towel instead of rub to get dry.

Use Water-Based Sunscreens

Use water-based sunscreens when you’re outside. You’ll still need the protection of a sunscreen, just make certain it is water-based too.

Schedule Your Spray Tan Today

There is no reason a spray tan shouldn’t last a couple of weeks if you follow these spray tan care tips. Save your skin and your health, and look great too with a spray tan! For more information, pleaseĀ contact us.

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