Summer is right around the corner and you’re concerned about getting a sun-kissed glow, without the damage. In comes summer airbrush tanning! In airbrush tanning, a tanning solution containing DHA is applied by a trained professional using an airbrush, avoiding contact with the sun and therefore lowering your risk of the multitude of skin problems that can come along with frequent, traditional tanning. If you’re on the fence about summer airbrush tanning, read further for some frequently asked questions and why this may be the right choice for you this summer.

How is an airbrush tan applied?

Typically, an airbrush tan is applied using an airbrush or a compressor in order to give rich, even color all over the whole body. An airbrush artist will spray a solution of your color choice all over your body with smooth, gentle strokes in order to provide a flawless finish and avoid streaking. Airbrush sessions typically last twenty minutes.

What is the aftercare/upkeep?

Sunless tanning is fairly simple with no extensive upkeep. Avoid showering and sweating for the first 8-10 hours after application in order to allow the color to bond to your skin. Afterwards, make sure to moisturize and avoid long, hot showers or baths to extend the longevity of your tan.

How long will an airbrush tan last?

There are many factors in determining how long an airbrush tan will last, but generally it will last anywhere from 4-10 days. Airbrush artists recommend getting another application once a week if you’re planning on maintaining your color for an extended period of time. Things such as exfoliating and moisturizing play a part in how long your tan lasts as well as your individual skin and how it reacts to the tanner.

Will the tanner stain my hair and/or nails?

The tanning solution can build up in the hair shaft but is not typically a problem as artists are diligent in making sure to avoid over-spraying the hairline. Lighter colored hair makes the tanner more noticeable but hairnets can be worn to avoid this. Your nails, whether natural or artificial, can be protected by applying a barrier cream. The cream and the solution can be washed off fairly easily and should not stain.

In short, airbrush tanning is a wonderful option for those looking to opt out of traditional tanning for whatever reason. Airbrush tanning produces close to the same look as a tanning bed without the harmful UV rays. Along with great coverage, it is simple to apply and upkeep is simple.

At Bronze Tan, we strive to provide the best for our current and future customers. To set up your summer airbrush tanning appointment, contact us today!

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