Sunless Spray Booths Vs Airbrush Tanning

Still looking for a late-summer glow for the mid-August heat, weddings, and outdoor yacht and beach parties? Many find that bathing in natural light is not only time-consuming, but potentially ineffectual in terms of seeing immediate results for special occasions. Others girls find themselves in a jam for that last pool party and simply know there’s no way for making up for not spending time in the beds.

For those that find themselves in this situation, we recommend sunless spray booths and airbrush tanning. We have many people ask us – what’s the difference between sunless spray booths vs airbrush tanning? We have answers:

Sunless Spray Booths


  • Sunless spray tans are quick and efficient. You get an all-over glow in a short period of time.
  • The booths are private. There’s no need to feel self conscious for going commando since you will be alone in the booth.
  • You can get a great tan with only one session and layer.
  • It’s easy using the booths and following the rotation directions.


  • While it’s easy using the booths once you know how, the first session can prove to be difficult. Girls who are nervous about the upcoming event or using one can find themselves having a hard time following directions.
  • There are limitations for the spray’s area of coverage. It’s challenging to cover the under-boob portion of the body and bits of the rear. This is especially challenging for curvy girls and ones planning for ample time in a swimsuit.
  • The booth can’t produce a custom tan.

Airbrush Tanning


  • Doesn’t involve complex directions. The girls here will do all the positioning. Consider it thoughtless and easier with someone guiding you.
  • The techs can get all those hard-to-reach areas not covered with a standard spray tan booth.
  • Airbrush tans are customizable. For instance, you can request darker tan areas on the legs and arms for a more natural look. It’s up to you!


  • You must arrange an appointment ahead of time.
  • Tan lines show up with whatever you wear.
  • The procedure must take place in front of the technician.

Have more questions about sunless spray booths vs airbrush tanning? Contact us today!

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