Spring break is coming up and you want to look your best. You have your perfect spray tan, but your flight leaves tomorrow. How do you keep your tan looking good while traveling? Here are five tips that will help you stay streak-free and golden for your trip or vacation – despite the stress of air travel.

Tan the Day Before

Technically, this is a preemptive tip, but tan the day before. As anyone who has gotten a spray tan knows, the first few hours are critical to a good finish. If you were to get your tan and then head straight to the airport, you’d be setting yourself up for disaster.


Before leaving for the airport, liberally moisturize. Airplanes have incredibly dry cabins, and dried out skin does not hold tan very well. If you have a layover or long-haul flight, consider applying a second coat.

Hydration is Key

As nearly every article about maintaining healthy skin will tell you, hydration is critical. If you are well-hydrated, your skin will not dry out as quickly, nor will it develop any other blemishes. Thus, remember to drink water, even if it means having to use the gross airplane bathroom a few extra times.

Skip the Alcohol (For Now)

In conjunction with the previous tip, avoid alcohol. Not for your entire vacation because that’s not ideal, but only for the time that you are in the air. Alcohol is incredibly dehydrating, so the last thing you want to do while on the dry plane is to dehydrate yourself further. Once you arrive at your destination, though, all bets are off!

Wear Loose and Comfortable Clothing

Finally, wear loose and comfortable clothing. This will not only make your flight more comfortable, but it will also help you avoid creases and lines in your tan. The last thing you want after your flight is to put your bathing suit on, only to realize that you have streaks all over from your skinny jeans. Remember, it’s a flight, not a fashion show.

For more information on your pre-vacation tan, contact Bronze Tan can help. We will get you glowing before your spring break trip and show you how to care for it. If you would like more information on our tanning options, visit us online here.

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