Whether you’re heading to the beach, planning an international vacation, or spending your time off somewhere else, you might be considering getting a tanning before traveling. Yet, you might be wondering what tanning method is best for you.

Tanning Bed

One of the significant benefits of using a tanning bed is that your tan will last longer than a spray tan. To get your desired color, you will likely need to come in for several sessions, mainly if you do not generally use a tanning bed. With a tanning bed, there is always the concern of burning, particularly if your skin is prone to burning rather than tanning. Generally, starting with a shorter time and building up to a longer time can help with this. A tanning bed can also be a little scary for someone who deals with claustrophobia. At Bronze Tan, our experts will help you establish a tanning bed routine that will prevent you from burning and help you feel comfortable with this tanning option.

Sunless Tanning

With sunless tanning, you have two basic options. You can do an airbrush tan, or you can use a spray tan booth.

Airbrush Tan

With an airbrush tan, an expert will airbrush your tan, making sure to give you a seamless tan. You can pick the color that you want so that you can achieve your desired color in one session. This is nice if you have a time constraint, and you want your desire color right away. To achieve a seamless tan, you will likely need to go nude or nearly nude. If you’re not comfortable with that, you may want to pick another option. Your tan can last up to 7-10 days.

Spray Tan Booth

If you choose the spray tan booth option, you can also pick the spray tan color that fits your needs. Because you are alone in the booth, some people are more comfortable with this option than getting an airbrush tan. Of course, you are in charge of making sure that you listen to the directions and turn or move at the right times. A sunless tan from a spray tan booth can last about 5-7 days.

Contact us to learn more about these tanning methods and to book an appointment before you start traveling!

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