So you’ve achieved that delicious skin tone you’ve been dreaming of, and you’re the envy of all your friends. Now what?

While a healthy tan can add vibrancy and life to your complexion all on its own, wearing the right shade of eyeshadow can contribute to that “Wow!” factor you might be hoping for.

A Day at the Beach

Bright, Happy, and Fun. These words don’t just describe our ideal day at the beach; they also describe the best matte eyeshadow shades that complement tanned skin tones. Don’t be afraid to try something new in turquoise, or be bold in hot pink. Experiment with new colors. You might find a shade you never would have dreamed of using before.

All That Glitters…

Is there a better time to wear glitter and metallic eyeshadows than with a warm summer tan? We don’t think so! Opt for something a little more exciting and daring on brown eyes by choosing a shade of purple: any purple! Golds and wine colors best accompany green eyes. For blue eyes, seek out warmer colors, such as bronzes or corals.

That Dewy, Tropic Glow

It’s all in the eyes, baby! Creating the illusion of dewy skin will give you a tropic glow that’s to die for. After applying your eyeshadow of choice (we recommend a neutral, matte color for this), follow up by blending a highlighter along your brow. Daubing some highlighter in the corners of your eyes as well will make them pop, giving you that total beach babe, sun-kissed look.

Au Naturale

Keep it simple by rocking your natural no make-up look! A bronzed complexion has a way of highlighting your best features and drawing attention to your eyes all on its own. Embrace it!

We hope this helps you find a new favorite look. Don’t forget to contact us to book your tanning appointment today!

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