You love a good tan, and there’s no doubt about that. Sun-kissed skin is a thing of dreams, and now that you’ve made your dream come true, it’s time to show it off! The perfect lip color can make or break any look, and there are a few things to keep in mind when you want to highlight your best features. Here are three lipstick colors that you can totally rock with your tan!

Nude Lipstick

Yes, really! Warm-hued lipsticks stunningly complement your tanned skin. Look for warm undertones like caramel or peach, rather than a pink or berry-based nude. A nude lip compliments the rest of your tan so well, and it’s a striking look that always brings second glances from people. Sometimes hints of color are more dramatic than bold color. Add a swipe of sheer gloss for a touch of sparkle!


Deep corals and warmer hued pinks are a step further than the nudes. It’s the same warm tones in your nudes but pumped up to bolder colors. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous or want a fun and playful look, go for the deep pinks and corals. Just like the nude colors, the warm hues will make your tan pop.


A classic deep red is perfect for your tan. You read that right. There’s a reason this color is considered timeless. There’s something romantic and vintage about a deep red lip. When it’s set against your beautiful tan skin, you’ll have a bit of “oomph” to go along with it! Keep it classic, though, and don’t go too far into the warmer or cooler hues. A true red will serve you best.

Don’t be afraid to branch out! Have fun experimenting with different colors, and these guidelines are by no means rules set in stone. Your beauty and your style are totally your own. We’re here to help make your vision come true! Contact Bronze Tan today to make an appointment or discuss our various tanning options. Let us help you achieve the tan of your dreams.

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