Now that you’ve hit Bronze Tan tanning salon, and your spray tan looks great, it’s time to learn how to extend the life of your new glow. With proper upkeep and daily care, your spray tan will last approximately 5-7 days. Follow these easy tips to keep that bronzey finish looking fresh:

Buff your body before you hit the tanning booth

Exfoliation is an essential part of your beauty routine, but be sure to buff your bod before you hit the spray tanning booth and hold off for a few days after. Sloughing off the dead skin before your appointment puts it in prime condition to take your spray tan to the next level but exfoliating too soon after a session will shorten the life of your golden hue.

Loosen Up

After spray tanning session, do not wear tight clothing that may cause your newly acquired glow to rub off. Hold off on tight bras, flip-flops, or anything else that will disturb your tan as it settles in.

Shower quickly and not as often

Did you know you don’t need to shower on a daily basis? According to Time, “Too much all-over bathing may even raise your risk for some health issues.”

If you are planning for a tanning session, shower and exfoliate at least eight hours before your appointment, and prepare to forgo your shower for the next few days. When you do take your first post-tan shower, be quick, and limit (or skip) the soap and harsh beauty products. Then, pat yourself dry, rather than rub. If needed, you can pick up dry shampoo at your local drug store to keep oily hair in check.

Bonus: treat yourself to a cute updo at the salon; they always say “dirty” hair is the easiest to style!

Stock up on your favorite moisturizers

Treat yourself to Bronze Tan’s supply of moisturizers and lotions to keep your skin from shedding it’s beautiful spray tan too soon. Apply liberally and daily!

Don’t Sweat it

Plan your week ahead of time by working on your fitness before your tanning appointment; sweating will shorten the life of your tan significantly. So, give yourself a break over the next few days and enjoy your tan! The gym will be waiting for you when you are ready.

Remember to enjoy your tan and follow these tips to extend the life of your lovely golden glow. If you have questions about spray tanning, contact Bronze Tan for more information and tanning tips.

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