Most everyone feels better when they have a sun-kissed glow. Fortunately, sunless spray tanning is a great option for deepening your skin tones and helping you achieve the confident, healthy look you want. In order to get the most value out of your tanning session, follow these steps for preparing your skin for the perfect spray tan.

Shave the day before you tan. You want to show off your tan legs after your tanning sessions, so you want to be sure and shave prior to the tanning session. Shaving can actually exfoliate your skin, and you do not want to remove any of your sunless tan with your body hair.

Exfoliate the day before you tan. You want the bronzing spray to absorb into clean, fresh skin so that it can have an even, longer lasting result. Use a light, oil-free exfoliant the day prior to your session, focusing on your knees and elbows or any other particularly dry area.

Shower and avoid lotions, makeup, and deodorant. Tanning sprays are best applied to clean skin. After showering, do not apply lotions and makeup the day of your session, and postpone the use of deodorant until after the session if possible. If you must use these products, be sure to wash them off prior to tanning. The exception to this rule is scabs or new scars. You can lightly cover these with Vaseline if you need to protect an affected area.

Dress Strategically. Form fitting closing can absorb or smear your tan, so you will want to wear loose clothing that you do not care about staining. Dark clothing is the best option. Be sure and remove all jewelry before you begin your session.  

At Bronze Tan, we want to help you have the most beautiful, healthy skin possible. Should you have any questions on preparing your skin before your spray tan, or desire to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

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