One of the best things to go with your glowing tan is a bright and beautiful smile! At Bronze Tan, we now offer an amazing teeth whitening service that works while you tan. Here’s how you can whiten your teeth while you tan!

How It Works

Your teeth whitening kit comes with a few tools to provide you with the best experience possible. You will receive a lip protector that will help you keep your mouth open so the light is exposed to your teeth. The next part of your kit includes the teeth whitening gel that brightens your teeth. Once you are ready to start your tan, you’ll put in your lip protector, then add your whitening gel. You will spread it on your teeth like you would toothpaste. Make sure to spread your whitening gel evenly so your entire smile brightens. In addition, we specifically use this product because it’s great for sensitive teeth. A common occurrence after whitening your teeth includes sensitive gums and teeth. This does not happen with our teeth whitening kit. When you are finished, your teeth will come out two to three times whiter! You will leave here with a glowing tan and smile. For more on our teeth whitening kits, check out our video!


To learn more about our tanning services or how you can whiten your teeth while you tan, check out Bronze Tan online here! You can also visit us at our Brentwood and Clayton locations. Don’t waste any more time and get your teeth whitening kit today.

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