There is nothing worse than leaving your spray tan with orange hands. The purpose of a spray tan is to give off a natural glow, not leave your hands and feet an orange mess. At Bronze Tan, we have the perfect solution for spray tan hands! Introducing our barrier cream.

No More Orange Hands!

Our barrier cream is intended to help you avoid too dark hands, wrists, or feet.Β  It’s simple and takes no extra time before your session. A culprit of orange skin is from dryness. Try your best to come with hydrated skin before your tan. If you know you have dryer areas, like elbows, knees, ankles, you can apply extra barrier cream to those spots. The key to the barrier cream is ensuring it’s blended in well, so make sure to blend it in!

As a rule of thumb, make sure you remove all jewelry, bandaids, extra clothing where you do not want a tan line! Check out our video below for more information on our barrier cream! For more information on our services, visit Bronze Tan online here!


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