You have worked hard for that perfect tan; it’s time to show it off and flaunt it. As you may know, your outfit can help bring out your skin tone. But did you know that your eyeshadow can help make your tan pop as well? Don’t be afraid to try out a new eye look that fits your complexion, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Nude for the Win

We are all in love with the current trends of bright colors, but a classic nude will always be in fashion. Natural and neutral colors can also help bring out your suntan. Contrast can be a powerful tool for color. Your sun-kissed glow will be more pronounced with a lighter eyeshadow. Swap in white or silver on your lid, and see how your bronzed tone pops.

Warm Tones

From tangerine a burnt sienna, oranges can be a great way to complement your skin’s glow. Orange can be incorporated as an accent color on your lid or a defining crease smudge. A bubblegum or pastel pink will help others notice your tanned skin by highlighting your skin’s natural flush. For an even bolder look try an electric or bright pink in your crease. Coral is one of the best eyeshadow colors to make your tan pop. As a bonus, coral is the hottest color of 2019. This is a color with many benefits. Accentuate your tan by adding in some gold, copper, or bronze. The darker your complexion is the more these shiny, metallic colors will bring it out. Gold is especially good at complementing tanned skin.

Cool Colors

Don’t Fear Blues! Blue eyeshadow has always had a bit of a reputation. However, blues will contrast perfectly with tanned skin when done right. If you are worried, try a line of cobalt or azure on your upper lid for a more subtle look.

Beautifully tanned skin deserves to be shown off, and there is an eyeshadow color to make your tan pop for any occasion. For more ideas on bright eyeshadow options, Bronze Tan knows how to help! If you want to build the perfect tan any time of the year then we can help; contact us for more information. As a result, your tan will glow all year long!

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