Sunless tanning is a safe, convenient and easy way to get a signature glow for prom night without having to sit in the sun and risking your skin’s health and safety. If you are looking for a bronze glow for prom night follow these simple spray tan tips for the perfect prom spray tan.

Protect Your Nails.

To prevent your nails from looking orange for prom night, add a few layers of barrier cream to your nails and to the nail bed. The barrier cream will prevent bronze build up and keep your nails bright and shiny.

Plan a Test Run.

If you’ve never tanned before, it is a good idea to plan a test run a few weeks before your prom night. A test run will allow you to see just how well the spray tan takes to your skin, and how dark it will become. Everybody’s skin is just a little bit different, so it is a good idea to test the process out before you fully commit to being bronzed for your prom night.

Less is More.

While it might be tempting to go for a deep, golden hue when it comes to spray tans for prom, less is usually more. Opt for a light or medium shade for your special evening. It will be enough to give your body a beautiful glow but won’t detract from the fantastic gown you’ve picked out for the special occasion.

Tan Before the Event.

Spray tans generally take 1-2 days to cure and show its true colors, so tanning the day before prom isn’t going to give you your desired look. Book a tanning appointment for 2-4 days before the prom to ensure the color has had time to really mature.

Prep your Skin Before You Tan.

Prepare your skin ahead of your spray tan by exfoliating the night before and moisturizing your skin. A fresh layer of skin will help to ensure the spray tan adheres evenly.  The day of your appointment do not put on any deodorant, moisturizer, makeup or perfume. Applying anything on the skin before the tan can prevent an even spray and cause streaking or light spots

The professionals at Bronze Tan can help you achieve the exact look you are seeking, whether it’s for prom night or all summer long. Contact us now to learn about our tanning products or to book an appointment for you prom spray tan today.

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